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Checklist to follow when hiring a Trucking Company Canada

Checklist to follow when hiring a Trucking Company Canada

It is always good to follow a checklist when it comes to hiring a trucking company Canada. It is actually an excellent way to ensure you hire the best Montreal or Toronto trucking company to carry your precious goods such as food products, pharmaceuticals, giftware, hazardous materials, electronics, liquor products, building supplies, automotive, hardware and so onfrom one place to another.

The internet is flooded with countless incidents of theconsequences of trusting an unreliable trucking company. From lack of effective communication, cargo delays and damage, to poor follow up, the list is endless. This eventually means customer dissatisfaction, which translates into financial and reputational damage. So when hiring a trucking company, there are some crucial aspects that you need to be absolutely sure about. Whether you opt for FTL or LTL freight Canada, here is a checklist to make things easy for you.

  • Making the Selection
    To identify the right one, make a list of the best Montreal orToronto trucking companies.Make sure to check the customer reviews and comments posted on websites. Now narrow down the list to include two or three of the best transport companies in Toronto based on the positive reviews received.
  • Valid Documents
    Ask the transportation company, Toronto specifically for proper documents and you must insist on seeing the proof of all the documents. A legitimate Toronto trucking company should have the following valid documents:
    • A commercial driving license for operating large and heavy vehicles for commercial use
    • Trucking authority permission granted by Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA), which can be a Contract Authority – permission to carry loads of firms with whom they have a contractual agreement, or a Common Authority – permission to carry legal goods of any firm
    • Canadian Carrier Code - a four character unique code assigned by CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency) to identify a trucking company
    • SCAC (The Standard Carrier Alpha Code) - a unique two-to-four-letter US code to identify transportation trucking companies
    • Motor Carrier Safety Fitness Certificate
    • IRP (Cab Card) containing truck registrationdetails
    • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) permit
    • FAST (Free and Secure Trade) Membership Card that allows the use of FAST dedicated lanes in Canada and the United States
    • Liability, cargo and reefer insurance
    • Third party liability coverage
  • Working Condition of the Truck
    Inspect the truck that would be carrying your goods. Ensure that itis in good working condition and is well maintained so as to avoid instances of cargo delays due to break down. Make sure that the trucking company complies with the standards of vehicle maintenance and inspections. Check if they have all the standard equipment and all safety measures in place such as straps, chains, cords, racks, and binders to protect your perishable, luxury or fragile goods. Similarly, ensure that the Toronto or Montreal trucking companies havestrong and durable tarps to cover, protect and secure the load from falling on the road and even rain and snow.
  • Reference List of Past Clients
    It is always good to ask the transport companies in Torontofor a reference list of the past clients. This helps you to contact the clients in person and know about their experience working with the particular trucking company.
  • Reliable Drivers
    One of the most important factorsthat need to be enquired about when it comes to selecting Toronto trucking companies is drivers. There have been instances, where some trucking companies,failing to perform thorough background check of drivers,ending up appointing people with criminal history. So check the following documents of drivers:
    • Passport
    • Social Security Card
    • FAST Membership Card
    • Commercial Driver License with a clean record
    • Experience certificate
    • Employment history and driving record details
  • Trucking Quotes
    Well, when it comes to freight quotes in Canada, ensure to compare the trucking quotes of other companies. Enquire among your friends to ensure that you are getting a fair quote. It is fine if there are only slight variations. If the trucking company is not legitimate, then you may get an exorbitant quote or a low priced one. In both cases, tread with caution because there are chances that you are being duped.

With lot many choices out there, a detailed checklist can help in ensuring a smooth and hassle free transport of goods. Otherwise due to the urgency of the situation, you might fail to check some very important aspects, which could put you in deep trouble. So follow the checklist in order to work with a reliable trucking company in Canada.