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How do the best Shipping Companies in Toronto ensure Safe Trucking?

How do the best Shipping Companies in Toronto ensure Safe Trucking?

The Canadian trucking industry is one such industry that Canada's economic strength relies heavily on as proved by the following statistics:

  • In Canada, over 90% of consumer products and foodstuffs are shipped by truck.
  • The trucking sector accounts for approximately 3.5% of Canada's GDP.
  • Approximately 60% of Canada's overall trade with the United States is moved by truck.
  • The Canadian trucking industry generates over $65 billion in revenue annually

Despite the role played by the trucking industry in Canada's economy, the trucking companies in Canada are facing driver shortages and are expected to be short 25,000 truck drivers as early as 2023.

However, the best trucking companies in Toronto are not ready to overlook safety for profitability. They have put in place hard and fast rules to ensure driver safety and safe trucking. So here is a look at the rules implemented by the best Toronto trucking companies while undertaking freightway transportation:

  • Complying with all motor vehicle regulations
    We follow the motor vehicle regulations to transport freight safely and securely. These include truck weight limits, securing cargo to trailers, and loading and unloading procedures. Complying with these rules helps to prevent the truck's center of gravity from losing its balance and the cargo from sliding into the road, which eventually helps to reduce accidents.
  • Performing inspections pre-trip and post-trip
    We carry out inspections thoroughly before and after every trip. Pre-trip inspections help us to ensure that the trucks and trailers are in top shape and can undertake the long journey. While the post-trip inspections help us to know whether the trucks and trailers need any maintenance work and also in some cases find out whether the truckers have been driving recklessly or not. Besides, as mandated by federal law, we carry out vehicle inspections daily every working day and a report is maintained as well.
  • Performing repairs
    For any truck company In Toronto, maintenance is the top priority. We do the necessary repair work for trucks and trailers to ensure that they are in proper working condition. Oil checks, brake pedal, and tire replacement are never postponed for a later date.
  • Training drivers to practice defensive driving
    While trucking in Toronto, there may be instances where a slight mistake can lead to mishaps. So, we create a work culture that encourages defensive driving to ensure driver safety and prevent accidents. This includes looking out for blind spots while changing lanes, avoiding tailgating, staying calm and cool, and being prepared to meet any emergency such as breakdowns, bad weather conditions, bad roads, and so on.
  • Hiring capable drivers
    For any Toronto trucking company, having capable drivers is their greatest strength. Drivers who can handle long drives, who are physically and mentally strong, and who stay calm and collected even during tough times are what trucking companies need. Hence, we ensure safe trucking by hiring only drivers who have no prior violations or convictions.
  • Encouraging proper rest and breaks
    We encourage our drivers to take adequate rest and breaks to ensure the safety of the drivers and those of the other motorists on the road. We persuade our drivers to take additional breaks if they need them while driving as it helps to cut down on accidents due to fatigue and tiredness.
  • Avoiding Overtime
    We ensure our drivers get proper sleep by avoiding overtime for them as we know that instead of improving productivity, overtime hampers it. A night of proper sleep helps them to stay active throughout the day.
  • Ensuring access to clean facilities
    After a long day's work, every driver needs a clean and warm place for the night. We ensure to provide them with clean facilities so that they are more productive the next day. Besides, it also increases safety levels.

Thus, whether you approach us for LTL transport or intermodal transportation, the best trucking companies in Toronto ensure safe shipment through safe trucking.