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Top 3 Reasons for the Severe Trucker Shortage

Top 3 Reasons for the Severe Trucker Shortage

As per the Special Report: Vacancies in Trucking and Logistics January 2022 by Trucking HR, "The total number of vacancies for transport truck drivers has increased to 22,990 jobs, an historic high since Statistics Canada began tracking vacancies in 2015. This represents a 20% surge in driver vacancies over the second quarter of 2021". The number is expected to rise in years to come.

The magnitude of the problem is felt by businesses thriving on consistent freightway transportation services. Issues such as delayed delivery, inventory bottlenecks, and manufacturing disruptions eventually affect the whole economy. Though many have put the blame on the pandemic for the alarming situation, the underlying factors for the severe and worsening driver shortage faced by the transportation companies in Canada are something different.

The issue of driver shortage is not something new; it has been causing ripples in the trucking industry for the past many years. The only thing is that the pandemic brought the issue to the fore. There are three major reasons for truckers leaving the industry namely:

  • Low wages
    Most truck drivers are paid based on mileage rather than on the time invested. So, the time lost due to traffic jams, bad weather, rough roads, etc. is never compensated. And if the truck driver delays the delivery due to any valid reason, they won't get any money. Only a few trucking companies in Toronto and Canada pay extra to truckers for performing duties such as doing safety checks, loading and unloading the trailer, or for wait times.
  • Zero Benefits
    The life of truck drivers is anything but smooth. They have to stay away from their home and loved ones and live on roads for days together. They risk their life and health to meet deadlines. But they get no benefits or incentives. So, they are forced to look for other options.
  • Poor working conditions
    The truckers, even though tired, are forced to stay on the road to make up for the lost time and to meet deadlines. This puts their life at great risk. Moreover, fines that are paid out of their pockets are not reimbursed.

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