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Specialized Transportation
Wide Load & Oversized Load

Specialized Transportation

Let PROWAY handle your specialized and wide load

For specialized freight, oversized load and wide load equipment, PROWAY has the flatbed for you. Our shipping experts will ensure your freight, oversized load or wide load will arrive on time and in one piece. We are dedicated to finding the perfect customized solution for your specialized needs with the utmost care for efficiency and cost, whether local in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), across Canada or cross-border between Canada and the US.

Flatbeds, dropdecks and other specialized equipment

Whether you require a flatbed, dropdeck or other specialized equipment, we can accommodate. Our range of equipment allows us to provide exactly the specialized service you need, where you need it. We regularly provide specialized service for customers shipping building supplies, farm and construction equipment, wide load, oversized load shipments and more.

Our Facilities Cover All Of Canada To US Shipping

Our strategic network of terminals provides a nationwide presence for shippers transporting freight or wide loads across Canada or cross-border freight between Canada and the US. Our strong southwest presence in Los Angeles and San Francisco is supported by a strong eastern presence in Chicago.  In Canada, our terminal network provides access to all the major cities coast to coast including Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto and Halifax.

The Benefits of PROWAY Specialized

  • Specialized service throughout Canada to US
  • PROWAY-qualified carrier network
  • Regular service throughout east coast
  • Regular service to and from California
  • Facilities in the US and Canada from east to west
  • Experienced staff with custom solutions for all forms of freight